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Where should I have my AODES product serviced?

Authorized AODES dealers are the best source for service on your AODES product. You can use the online dealer locators to find your nearest dealer. 

I have a technical question. Should I call AODES ?

Your authorized AODES dealer is the first line in answering technical questions. If you’ve already contacted your dealer and they were not able to provide a satisfactory response to your question, you can contact AODES and we’ll find an answer for you.

Where can I obtain an operator’s guide for my AODES product?

You can access digital versions of the operator’s guides here. In addition, a hardcopy version can be purchased from your authorized AODES dealer.

 What if I have a concern related to the speed or quality of service on my vehicle by a AODES dealer?

Your first step should be to raise your concern to the service manager of your dealership. If you are still not satisfied with any aspect of the service performed on your vehicle, you can then contact AODES customer service.