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About Us

AODES, headquarted in C.A, is a multinational registered brand in over 100 countries. It has spent decades focusing on research and development, manufacturing, and distribution to persist in global strategy:

AODES Multinational R & D:USA Team; European Team; Chinese Team;

AODES Multinational Manufacturing:China Factory; Vietnam Factory; Mexico Factory under planning;

AODES Multinational Sales and Distribution: USA Team; Oceania Distribution Network. European Distribution Network. Other global distribution network.

The founder of AODES was a veteran field mechanic who spent his early 20s in the Army. He started his journey to find out more, especially about how off-road applications work. The machines he used failed because they didn’t have enough power, torque, or off-road performance. He saw the different problems that the military, farmers, and other people had to deal with. Therefore, he set out to find answers to his questions. The foundation of AODES’s business was laid with the establishment of Liangzi Power Co., Ltd. in 1983.

As the business continued to see demand, there was also an increased emphasis placed on significantly expanding its size. The choice was made by the family to keep working hard toward their vision of a globally recognized brand.

The first stage of a global strategy was the establishment of AODES USA in the year 2009. AODES is now led by Leo Wang, who serves as President. He represents the second generation of his family to take over the management of the family firm and establish a new benchmark in the long and illustrious history of AODES all over the world. His time spent studying in New Zealand and Australia provided him with a wealth of opportunities to investigate the potential applications for the family business. After conducting an exhaustive analysis of AODES he set off on a journey to the continents of North America, Europe, and Oceania. He was quite pleased by the global distribution and service network that the major companies in the powersports business have established. During his trip, he met with local powersports dealers and end users. Leo has made the decisive move on a strategic level to make Multinational Operation the primary emphasis of AODES for the next thirty years. As a direct result of the efforts of the AODES global team, the AODES sales network now includes the participation of hundreds of distributors and dealers. These individuals come from a wide variety of nations, including those in North America, Europe, Oceania, Australia, and South America.

AODES is now known as a leading and highly valued Off Road Vehicle supplier both in the United States and around the world.

AODES will consistently strive to offer innovative, leading, intelligent and secure products and quality all-terrain driving solutions and services in work, transportation, leisure and entertainment, and racing excitement for AODES global all-terrain vehicle users.