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Reasons to become an


AODES Industry

AODES Industry

Over the course of many years of dedicated work in the fields of R&D, production, and distribution, the United States-based company AODES has been widely regarded as a premier and very valuable provider of All-Terrain and Utility Vehicles both domestically and internationally. AODES has been and will be the long-lasting corporation strategy yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Our dealer support

Our dealer support

We believe in building long-term partnerships with dealers and provide support to help grow your business. Our sales team will work with you to design the best products for your customers, and programs that will provide you with the most value for you. We seek out those who believe in providing exceptional customer service, so that you have a partner who will be there to help you succeed.

Global R&D, sales network

Global R&D, sales network

AODES's international research and development staff includes specialists from the United States, Europe, and China. Aodes has established manufacturing locations in China, Vietnam and future plans for Mexico. Dealers throughout the United States, Europe, and all over the world make up AODES's global sales and service infrastructure.



1. Dealer Qualifications

  • • Business License
  • • Dealer License
  • • Sales Tax Certificate
  • • Liquid Working Capital of no less than 200K
  • • Adequate Signage (no less than 3 banners representing AODES)
  • • Specialty Tools – 1500.00
  • • Minimum Parts Inventory – 4,500.00
  • • Must be full stocking dealer (All Models)

2. Facility Requirements

  • • Maintained Show Area
  •       ° Can be combination of inside/outside
  •       ° Units must be kept clear and presentable
  • • Minimum of 750 sq feet Service Area                                                                                                                                                             

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for becoming a dealer?

    Complete the New Dealer Inquiry Form. One of our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly

  • What are the requirements/initial costs to become a dealer?

    Complete the New Dealer Inquiry Form. One of our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly

  • What AODES product can I carry?

    A market analysis will be conducted by our Dealer Specialist. We will determine what product lines are available in your particular market.

  • What credit requirements are needed to become a dealer?

    The amount of credit required will be based on the product lines requested.